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What do I need to know about changes in the Bannan Center?

September 15, 2021

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The Sinegal Center for Science and Innovation project has provided the opportunity to also extensively remodel the facilities that historically have been known as the Bannan and Engineering Buildings. As we mark a new era in STEM education at Seattle University, these buildings will now be identified jointly as The Thomas J. Bannan Center (BANN).

This update will be reflected on new campus maps, which are scheduled to be installed next week. The two buildings that were previously designated as separate entities are now being referred to as the Bannan Center’s science and engineering wings. The rooms have been renumbered so there are no redundancies on each floor, and the Registrar is using the new numbers for class schedules. As construction is currently underway on all floors of the science wing except the 2nd floor, the impacted floors will not be available for classes during fall quarter.