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SU's Beta Alpha Psi chapter wins 2021 Gold Challenge

August 23, 2021

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The Beta Alpha Psi International (BAP) Seattle University Delta Eta Chapter was recently recognized as a 2021 Gold Challenge Competition Winner. Up to 10 BAP chapters receive this recognition each year, putting SU in the top 5% of all chapters. The competition is sponsored by the KPMG Foundation and the winning chapters receive a $2500 prize. This is the fifth time SU has achieved this recognition.
Beta Alpha Psi recognizes that many chapters often go above and beyond what is required to become a Superior Chapter. In an effort to reward these chapters, the KPMG Foundation sponsors the KPMG Gold Challenge Competition. The competition lets BAP students put their multimedia skills to use by creating a five-minute video that explains and/or demonstrates why their chapter deserves the award or why a top student would want to become part of the BAP organization.
According to BAP chapter advisor Gabe Saucedo, "While all chapter members made this possible, including both the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 student officer boards, special props to outgoing President Keisha Lugito, incoming President Vendela From, and incoming VP of Marketing & Communications Gabriella Candera! Their leadership and artistic flair definitely attributed to this win!"
You can watch the winning video here: