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Examining Digital Ethics at Seattle University

January 20, 2021

Three leaders in the Initiative in Ethics and Transformative Technologies at Seattle University talk about digital ethics and their work in the intersection between technology and ethics.

In “Examining Digital Ethics at Seattle University” in the journal Educause Review, authored by Seattle University Senior Instructor Nathan R. Colaner, College of Science and Engineering Dean Michael J. Quinn and Professor Jeffrey Smith—with Educause President and CEO John O’Brien—the authors write, “Like the administrations at all other Jesuit colleges and universities, the leaders of Seattle University have always understood the fundamental importance of ethics in a well-rounded education, even for students in the professional fields.”

It began In 2018 when Microsoft provided seed funding for Seattle University to launch an initiative focusing on ethical issues related to digital technology. As the Initiative in Ethics and Transformative Technologies took shape, Quinn invited Seattle U Chief Information Officer Christopher Van Liew to join the advisory board. Realizing that O’Brien shared an interest in digital ethics, Van Liew encouraged Quinn and O’Brien to meet. Their initial conversation at a local coffee shop grew into this interview.

Read the Q&A-format story here.