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Seattle University Sophomore Nicola Kraus Selected for 2019 U.S. Bank Student Union Scholarship

April 15, 2020

Nicola Kraus

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Kraus is a theater major, with a particular interest in technical theater, from Wilsonville, Oregon.

Nicola Kraus, a sophomore at Seattle University, has been selected as a 2019 U.S. Bank Student Union Scholarship recipient.

Kraus is a theatre major, with a particular interest in technical theatre, from Wilsonville, Oregon. Her major encompasses all that goes into making a staged production from scenery and lighting to costuming and sound.

“I’ve been saving up where I can to help continue to pay for college,” said Kraus. ““This scholarship is lessening the debt that I am going to incur. With the cost of education, every little bit helps.”

She says Seattle’s many theaters offer great internship programs and entry-level jobs, which made the university all that more appealing. She also says the community is very kind and open.

“Everyone works so well together here,” Kraus said. “It’s not like high school where drama and theater can be a bit segregated, anyone can really drop-in and help make a production come to life. Everyone just works so well together.”

Kraus first discovered technical theater while in high school. “I got into this because I really like art, but never really found a way that fit me until I discovered technical theater,” she added.

Her dream job she says is working as set designer or prop master at one of Seattle’s theaters, or perhaps similar jobs in New York City.  

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