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How is printing at SU getting greener?

October 8, 2020

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Managed Print Services (MPS) has recently instituted two important initiatives to reduce Seattle University’s environmental footprint and realize cost savings:

  • Effective Sept. 28, Managed Print Services now defaults to duplex printing. All printing is double-sided unless manually changed.
  • Beginning with FY21, MPS has moved from 30 percent recycled paper to 100 percent recycled paper. In doing so, Seattle U annually will significantly reduce its environmental footprint, saving 380 trees, 400 million BTUs of energy, 287,400 pounds of CO2 emissions and 343,000 gallons in water consumption.

Defaulting to double-sided printing combined with the shift to 100 percent recycled paper will result in a savings of $4,000 annually.

With the exception of the law school, MPS is utilized by all areas of SU.