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The Jesuits of Seattle U: 2019-2020

October 21, 2019

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Back row (left to right):
Josef Venker (Assistant Rector, Curator University Art Collection, Art & Art History), Pat Twohy (Director, Rocky Mountain Mission; Urban Native American Ministry) and Bob Grimm (Jesuit Assistant to Albers School of Business) 

Middle row (left to right): Jerry Cobb (English, Special Assistant to the President), Tom Murphy (History), Trung Pham (Art & Art History), Doug Peduti (Philosophy), Eric Watson (Chemistry) and Dave Anderson (Alumni Relations Chaplain) 

Front row (left to right): Dave Leigh (Professor Emeritus, Center for Jesuit Education), Colleen Nsame (Graduate student, Campus Ministry), Arturo Araujo (Rector, Art & Art History) and Steve Sundborg (President), Peter Ely (Theology) 

Absent: Quentin Dupont (Graduate Student, UW instructor), Kizito Kiyimba (LeRoux Chair), Tom Lucas (Sabbatical), James Selinsky (Controller’s Office), John Topel (Jesuit Assistant to Law School), James Taiviet Tran (Boeing engineer, Vietnamese pastoral ministry) and Bill Watson (President, Sacred Story Institute) 

Photo credit: Abel Fong

Caption courtesy of Margaret Moore, Arrupe House