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The Quest for a Cure

Written by Written by Desi Caswell, executive director, SU Dance Marathon

January 8, 2018

Dance Marathon

Image credit: Katie Hofius

Seattle University Dance Marathon strives to raise $80,000 in one day to help cure childhood cancer.

Thanks to Seattle Children’s Strong Against Cancer Research Initiative, the city of Seattle is home to a groundbreaking cure for cancer. Due to discoveries in t-cell immunotherapy, Children’s is leading the world in a new type of cancer treatment. No more chemo. No more radiation. Rather, patients can access treatment quickly and close to home, making strides toward a cure for cancer as easy as curing the common cold. The Strong Against Cancer Trial Treatment currently holds a 93 percent remission rate for leukemia, and an application was submitted to the FDA in December for a brain tumor treatment as well. Insurance rarely covers the cost of clinical trials, however, leaving families responsible for the treatment costs, totaling about $80,000 for one child. 

This is why on Jan. 11 Seattle University Dance Marathon is #callingonthe206 to come together and raise $80,000 in 24 hours, our slogan “One City One Day One Cure.” We need your help. We are calling on Seattle residents to change the lives of a family who just discovered that their child has cancer and to help ease the worries that come along with extreme medical costs. Thanks to a generous supporter of Seattle Children’s Hospital, every dollar given on Jan. 11 will be matched until we hit our $80,000 goal! 

Make a donation today by visiting for your contribution to go directly toward funding one trial treatment for one child. We are collecting donations until Feb. 18, by which we aim to raise a total of $206,000 in honor of the great city of Seattle. 

For the past 11 years, Seattle University Dance Marathon has fought for a world without illness and we thank you for joining us.