Father Kelly gives lecture at Wheeling Jesuit University

March 23, 2018

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Patrick Kelly, S.J., presented “Flow, Sport and Spirituality” at Wheeling Jesuit University on March 22. 

In anticipation of the lecture, Jamey Brogan, director of Campus Ministry and Mission and Identity, said: “We are grateful to be able to host one of the leading Catholic and Jesuit experts on the value of sport and recreation, and its connection to the spiritual life. Fr. Kelly shows that throughout history, Catholics—and Jesuit schools in particular—have championed recreation and sport not just as an optional activity to be tolerated, but as integral to the flourishing of the human person, mind, body and soul. He sees the methods, effects and goals of sport and spirituality to be similar and complementary, when directed properly.” 

Among other works, Father Kelly is the author of Catholic Perspectives on Sports: From Medieval to Modern Times and Youth Sport and Spirituality: Catholic Perspectives.