Art and Engineering

February 8, 2018

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“Favorite’s Favorite’s Favorite,” the first annual three-person exhibition now showing at the Hedreen Gallery, is notable for many reasons. For one, there’s its concept, described as follows: “artists (not curators) choose who they will conspire to exhibit with and why. The process for the show is simple: Local Artist 1 invites another artist (Local Artist 2) to show with them. Then Artist 1 and Artist 2 invite another artist (Local Artist 3) together.” This year’s artists are D.K. Pan, Christopher Paul Jordan (chosen by Pan) and RYAN! Feddersen (chosen by Pan and Paul Jordan). 

Also notable is an interdisciplinary collaboration between Molly Mac, curator of the Hedreen, and Rich Bankhead, innovator in residence. Bankhead, who runs the Innovation Lab in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and his students worked to cut the vinyl letters “(fav) (fav) (fav)” that appear on the wall as pictured here. 

Favorite’s Favorite’s Favorite” is at the Hedreen through March 3.

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