What's all this hubbub we've been hearing from RevSU about July 3?

May 18, 2017

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Travis Nation, RevSU project director and associate chief information officer, explains in a recent newsletter: 

“On July 3, new Student and Finance modules go live with Colleague XE. Also going live is a new Chart of Accounts, ProcureSU, an eProcurement system, and InformSU, a robust new reporting capability. 

“Across the university, RevSU teams are busy preparing for July. Testing is underway, including sessions to practice migrating data from old to new systems. The teams are gathering lists of mission-critical reports so InformSU is ready to support the business needs of the university. They are also identifying stakeholders to participate in training. Other groups that have major support roles are getting ready by making sure they have time and resources available; for example, ITS is not able to take on any new projects between now and August.” 

For more information RevSU or the July 3 transition, contact RevSU@seattleu.edu or visit RevSU.