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Written by Mike Thee

September 18, 2017

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Many new colleagues have joined our ranks for the 2017-2018 academic year.

As shown in this presentation from the President's Welcome on Sept. 15, quite a few new faculty and staff have joined Seattle University for the 2017-2018 academic year. (Some are not new to us, but familiar faces in new roles.) Welcome to all!


Albers School of Business and Economics

Davit Adut– Assistant Professor, Accounting

Zachary Feldman– Lecturer, Economics 

Bo Han– Assistant Professor, Finance

Jinlan Ni– Lecturer, Economics

Sherry Sun– Lecturer, Management

College of Arts and Sciences

Fr. Michael Barber, S.J.– Visiting Professor, Philosophy

Hidy Basta– Instructor, English

Douglas Berninger– Instructor, Sport and Sport Exercise

Erin Chung– Instructor, Performing Arts and Arts Leadership

Serena Cosgrove– Assistant Professor, International Studies Program

Craig Downing– Instructor, English

Russell Duvernoy– Instructor, Philosophy

Victor Evans– Instructor, Communication 

Kendall Fisher– Assistant Professor, Philosophy

James Hanson– Instructor, Communication

Kimberly Harden– Lecturer, Communication

Mark Light– Assistant Professor, Performing Arts and Arts Leadership

Jiangmeng Liu– Assistant Professor, Communication

Brian Onishi– Instructor, Philosophy

Fr. Douglas Peduti, S.J.– Instructor, Philosophy

Fr. Lucas Sharma, S.J.– Lecturer, Social Work

Aakanksha Sinha– Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Sociology and Social Work 

Erica Rauff– Assistant Professor, Sport and Sport Exercise

Juan Reyes– Assistant Professor, English

Randall Souza– Assistant Professor, History

Benedict Stork– Instructor, English

Maria Tedesco– Lecturer, Communication

Hsuan Yuan Huang– Lecturer, Communication

College of Education

Nicholaus Erber-LaPierre– Instructor, Leadership and Professional Studies

Shane Pisani– Clinical Assistant Professor, Teaching, Learning and Social Justice

Bradley Porfilio– Associate Dean and Professor

Ana Margarita Rivero Arias– Clinical Assistant Professor, K-12 Teaching, Learning and Social Justice

Patricia Venegas– Clinical Assistant Professor, Teaching, Learning and Social Justice 

School of Law

Deborah Borman– Visiting Assistant Professor, Lawyering Skills 

Lemieux Library

Sarah Watstein– Dean 

Matteo Ricci College

Rebecca McNamara– Lecturer 

School of New and Continuing Studies

Dylan Medina– Instructor

Rebecca Peltz– Instructor, Web Development 

College of Nursing

Juli Allard– Instructor

Elizabeth Gabzdyl– Assistant Professor

Sujeong Kim– Assistant Professor

Jennifer Konecny– Instructor, Diagnostic Ultrasound

Megan Morrison– Assistant Clinical Professor

Robin Narruhn– Assistant Professor

Alise Owens– Assistant Clinical Professor

Kumhee Ro– Clinical Assistant Professor

Annette Thomas– Assistant Professor 

College of Science and Engineering

Richard Bankhead– Lecturer, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Sepideh Hariri– Lecturer, Physics

Eleanor Johnson– Lecturer

Pejman Khadivi– Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Software Engineering

Joshua Pugh– Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Mehmet Vurkac– Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering 

School of Theology and Ministry

Rebecca Jeney Park-Hearn– Lecturer 


Academic Affairs

Jennifer Ameneiro Fernandez– Senior Administrative Assistant, Center for Faculty Development

Mafil Fabroquez– Senior Administrative Assistant, Center for Digital Learning, School of New and Continuing Studies

Arielle Fissmer– Sr. Executive Coordinator, Office of the Provost

Sarah Miller– Post-Undergraduate Shinnyo Fellowship, Center for Community Engagement

Gabrielle Mitrak– Senior Administrative Assistant, Research Services and Sponsored Projects

Kimberley Thompson– Senior Director, Disabilities Services

Jordan Walsh– Programs Learning Specialist, Learning Assistance 

Albers School of Business and Economics

Tasha Nalei Jugas– Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Advising

Melissa Minato– Student Career Advisor/ Recruitment Coordinator, Placement Center 

Arrupe House

Veronica Asui– Bookkeeper

Melissa Connolley– House Manager 

College of Arts and Sciences

Jonathan Bechtol– Administrative Assistant, Criminal Justice 

College of Education

Alise Berti– Senior Administrative Assistant, Off-Campus Continuing Professional Education

Julie Kang– Director of Professional and Continuing Education, Off-Campus Continuing Professional Education                                             

Elaine Marcinek– Finance and Operations Director, Office of the Dean

Katherine Noson– Program Coordinator -Teaching and Learning, Office of the Dean 

Enrollment Management

Lindsey Poisson– Accounts Resolution Specialist, Student Financial Services 

Office of the Executive Vice President

Teri Carson– Assistant Athletic Director, Compliance and Student Athlete Services, Athletics                                                                                         

Mary Lee Gilliland– Senior Associate Director of Athletics, External Affairs, Athletics

Tiffany Mallick– Athletic Trainer, Athletics

Tomas Mendez-Beck– Assistant Coach, Men’s and Women’s Swimming, Athletics

Jesse Nakanishi– Director of Operations, Men’s Basketball, Athletics 

Office of the Executive Vice President

William Peck– Assistant Director, Ticketing and Development, Athletics                                        

Jennifer Peterson– Assistant Coach, Strength and Conditioning, Athletics                                                   

Kelly Sullivan– Head Coach, Men’s and Women’s Cross Country and Track and Field, Athletics             

Cameron Williams– Head Coach, Strength, Speed and Conditioning, Athletics 

Office of the Executive Vice President

Joseph Graddon– Campus Security Officer, Public Safety and Transportation                                 

Deborah Klaudt– Communication Center Dispatcher, Public Safety and Transportation

Thuc Le– Communication Center Dispatcher, Public Safety and Transportation                                             

Suang Saeturn– Campus Security Officer, Public Safety and Transportation 

Finance and Business Affairs

Alec Giusseppe Cuison– Accounts Payable Technician, Controller’s Office                           

Kimberly Pilot– Accounts Payable Technician, Controller’s Office                                                        

Collin Porter– Event Production Supervisor, Conference and Event Services

Brian Schimke– Maintenance Plumber/Pipefitter, Operations and Maintenance 

Information Technology Services

Alexandra Stoffel– User Liaison/ITS Communication and Knowledge Base Administrator, Application Services 

Office of Institutional Inclusion

Natasha Martin– Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion 

Jesuits New to Seattle University

Fr. John Galvan, S.J.

Fr. Isidro Lepez, S.J.

Fr. Matthew Ma, S.J.

Fr. Doug Peduti, S.J.

Fr. Lucas Sharma, S.J.

Fr. Peter Togni, S.J. 

Lemieux Library

Nathan Edwards– Library Technician 3, Systems and Technology                                                        

Alex Guevara– Library Technician 3, Systems and Technology 

Marketing Communications

Giorgio Guerra– Social Media Marketing Specialist 

College of Nursing

Carleen Ratcliffe– Nursing Program Assistant, Office of the Dean 

Research and Graduate Education

Christian Russell– Office Manager, Career Services 

School of Law

Samira Sharif– Externship Administrative Program Assistant, Office of the Dean

MacKenzie Wipf– Faculty Legal Administrative Assistant, Office of the Dean 

School of Theology and Ministry

Margaret Breen– Community Engagement Manager, Center for Religious Wisdom and World Affairs 

Student Development

Pamela Gonzales Wheeler– Area Coordinator, Housing and Residence Life

Devin Phinazee– Area Coordinator, Housing and Residence Life

Cassandra Riedeman– Area Coordinator, Housing and  Residence Life

Kirsten Schumacher– Assistant Director, Competitive Sports, University Recreation

Alvin Sturdivant– Vice President 

University Advancement

Johnica Hopkins– Operations Coordinator, Alumni Engagement

Briana Walker– Program Coordinator for Central Development

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