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Seattle University Film Studies Presents Panel Discussion

Written by Karen L. Bystrom

December 21, 2017

Sirin Aysan, Nancy Chang, Anne Rosellini, Jennifer Roth, Courtney Sheehan

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Seattle University Film Studies presented Avengers, Wonder Wom[e]n, and Predators: Sharing Experiences and Strategies for Women Working in the Film Industry.

Seattle University Film Studies presents Avengers, Wonder Wom[e]n, and Predators: Sharing Experiences and Strategies for Women Working in the Film Industry on January 10, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., in Wyckoff Auditorium.

Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer—every week brings fresh additions to the list of accused sexual offenders in Hollywood, and the film and entertainment world. They join older luminaries like Woody Allen, Bill Cosby, and Roman Polanski as representatives of an industry culture of gender discrimination and sexual misconduct. As the #metoo movement continues to bring mass attention to a sector long known for its exploitation of women and their sexuality, it is clear this behavior permeates the entire industry and its formal and informal hierarchies. While actresses have been the focus of media attention, every woman working in film, from the production assistant to the studio executive, is forced to navigate this abusive environment.

Now is the time both to push for rigorous reform of this industry but also to soberly address, with students and other community members interested in film, the risks and challenges women face in this profession. To that end, the Seattle University Film Studies Program is holding a panel with female film professionals. The panel, moderated by Dr. Justine Barda, includes:

  • Sirin Aysan, Journalist, Director, and Producer for CNN, MTV, and VICE
  • Nancy Chang, Executive Director, Reel Grrls
  • Anne Rosellini, Producer, Winter’s Bone, Down to the Bone, Stray Dog
  • Jennifer Roth, Executive Producer, The Wrestler, Black Swan, Mudbound
  • Courtney Sheehan, Executive Director, Northwest Film Forum

 Photo of five female film professionals, Sirin Aysan, Nancy Chang, Anne Rosellini, Jennifer Roth, Courtney Sheehan

Panelists will share their experiences working in film, their strategies for navigating the male dominated industry, and their responses to the current conversation around sexual misconduct. This event is specifically intended for film students who plan to pursue careers in the film industry, especially women, and is open to the public.

For further information, contact either Dr. Ben Stork or Dr. Justine Barda.

Sirin Aysan is a Turkish-American journalist, director, and producer. She has created and directed programming for a wide range of major networks including CNN, MTV, and VICE. She has also received the prestigious Edward Murrow award and two Emmy nominations.

Nancy Chang is the Executive Director of Reel Grrls. She is also a founder and board co-chair of Skate Like a Girl, and serves on the Womxn’s Creative Industries Meet-up, Seattle Sports Advisory Committee, and the Seattle Arts Leadership Team.

Anne Rosellini is an independent producer who works with director Debra Granik. Together they made the 2010 Oscar Nominated Winter’s Bone, and the 2004 Sundance winner Down to the Bone. Their latest film, Leave No Trace, will premiere at Sundance.

Jennifer Roth started her line producing career working for James Toback and it’s been uphill ever since. She has produced The Wrestler, Black Swan, and Laggies, among many others. She most recently produced Mudbound and much prefers working for women directors.

Courtney Sheehan is the Executive Director of Northwest Film Forum. She has also worked as a film journalist for publications including Bitch MagazineSenses of Cinema, and The Independent. She co-founded Cine Migratorio, a migration-themed film festival in Spain.

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