Mountain Ridin'

November 17, 2017

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Chuck Porter, who retired as chief information officer in 2016, is keeping busy. In late September, he and a friend rode the Colorado Rockies on motorcycles. The expedition, which they dubbed the “Pushing-Our-Luck Tour,” crossed 16 passes of more than 9,000 feet (six of which exceeded 10,000 feet). 

“Mountain riding has its own special brand of risks,” Porter writes in a recap of the experience. “Deer; logging trucks; short sight lines; even shorter passing lanes; and distracted motor homes to name a few. Mountain riding in late September adds: snow; ice; rain; and freezing temperatures to the mix … sauce for the goose.” 

Despite the hazards and weather, Porter says the experience was “Spectacular!”

(Pictured: Million Dollar Highway heading north toward Ouray, Colo.)

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