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Bannan Scholars

Written by Mike Thee

May 18, 2017

campus walkway in front of the Bannan Science and Engineering building

The 2017-2018 Bannan Scholars were announced by Interim Provost Bob Dullea today.

The 2017-2018 Bannan Scholars were announced by Interim Provost Bob Dullea today. 

To be eligible for a Bannan scholarship, Dullea wrote, a student must be an undergraduate junior or senior with a full-time major in the College of Science and Engineering. The applicant must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and have a demonstrated commitment to serving both the university and the greater community. 

The scholarship program is named for benefactor Thomas J. Bannan, “a leader in manufacturing, commerce, engineering and applied sciences and a man with a deep commitment to Seattle University,” the provost continued. 

Bannan Scholars are selected in the spring quarter by the Bannan Selection Committee following an extensive selection process. Each student recipient makes a personal commitment to actively participate in the program’s activities. The $6,000 award is renewable for one year if academic parameters and program commitments are met.

2017-2018 Bannan Scholars 

Dominic Burgi  Electrical and Computer Engineering

Sonja Danon*   Marine and Conservation Biology

Austin Dennis*  Civil and Environmental Engineering

Mary Dyrland*  Biology

Jesse Goncalves  Mathematics

David Grob*  Electrical and Computer Engineering

Rose Marie Haynes*  Physics

Nicole Kahasha  Mechanical Engineering

Jorge Lara Alvarado  Civil and Environmental Engineering

Brian Le  Computer Science and Software Engineering

Tudi Le  Biology

Elsa Magness*  Mathematics

Emily Mather  Mechanical Engineering

Courtney Olson*  Cell and Molecular Biology

Neipori Pelle  Physics

Alisha Piazza*  Mechanical Engineering

Tucker Price  Biology/Mathematics

Caley Polkinghorn* Biology

Christopher Riley*  Chemistry/Physics

Anna Rutledge  Physics

Maia Schumacher*  Biology

Matthew Seidel  Electrical and Computer Engineering

Carrie Smith  Mechanical Engineering

Isheeta Tewari*  Biology

Jean-Paul Wallis*  Civil and Environmental Engineering 

Note: * denotes second year Bannan Scholarship recipient