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Albers School of Business and Economics Celebrates 70 Years

April 3, 2017

David Wasielewski, Braden Wild, Bonnie Buchanan

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The spring 2017 issue of Albers Brief includes student, faculty and alumni profiles and other highlights as it marks a milestone during Seattle U's 125th anniversary

Albers Brief can be read here. Excerpts from the profiles in the spring 2017 edition:

Alumni Profile: David Wasielewski - Working Hard and Giving Back

David Wasielewski (MBA ’00) is at a place in his life where he can start giving back to the community. He has worked tirelessly in three very different industries for many years, but now, while he continues to work hard as a successful restauranteur, his hours are more flexible. One of the first things Wasielewski chose to do with his newfound flexibility was participate in the Albers Mentor Program. His purpose in doing this is to offer students the opportunity to learn from his life experiences.

Student Profile: Braden Wild - Fully Engaging in His Education

Braden Wild began making an impact at Seattle University as soon as he arrived. During his first quarter as a freshman, he became involved in student government, which gave him the opportunity to help Seattle U become the first university in the Pacific Northwest to be fair trade certified. 

Faculty Profile: Bonnie Buchanan - A Numbers Person With Many Interests

Australian native and Albers Associate Professor Bonnie Buchanan does much more with her love of numbers than merely teach finance at Albers. She holds the Howard J. Bosanko Endowed Professorship in International Economics and Finance, and is the program director for the Master of Science in Finance program. On top of that, Buchanan has two books coming out this year, one on Securitization and the Global Economy and the other on Risk Management and Emerging Markets.

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