Yen-Lin Han

Yen-Lin Han

Chair and Professor, Seattle University Provost Fellow

PhD, Mechanical Engineering, University of Southern California

Areas of Expertise

Soft Robotics, Medical Devices, Autonomous Vehicles, Energy Systems, Engineering Education


Dr. Han is dedicated to leading undergraduate research. She has mentored many undergraduate students conducting research projects that have led to several journal and conference papers. Her research interests include Molecular Gas Dynamics and heat transfer applications such as the Knudsen Compressor, a temperature driven micro-pump with no moving parts, the Origami Probe, a dynamic thermal probe for tumor ablation treatment, and a linear miniature aerospike nozzle for microsatellite propulsion systems. She holds the patent for the continuous trace gas separator. She is experienced in design and testing of MEMS (micro-electrical mechanical systems) as well as developing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) simulations. Additionally, Dr. Han has been working with industry partners to develop autonomous systems utilizing image processing, sensing and control mechanisms. One of such projects, the autonomous tractor trailer coupling, has six patents filed by the Kenworth Truck company in 2018.