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Seattle University faculty and staff subject matter experts are available to provide context and clarity to local and national journalists seeking to advance their stories.

To schedule interviews or to request an expert please contact Media Relations:

  • Dean Forbes, Media Relations Specialist
  • Office: 206-331-2223
  • Email: Dean Forbes
  • Kristen Kirst, Director of Strategic Communications and Engagement
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Expert Profiles

Caitlin Ring Carlson, PhD

Caitlin Carlson

Associate Professor
PhD, Media Studies, University of Colorado

Dr. Carlson's research focuses on hate speech and freedom of expression, particularly in new media.

  • First Amendment
  • Free Expression
  • Hate Speech
Kathleen Cook, PhD

Kathleen Cook

Department Chair, Psychology
PhD, Social and Personality Psychology, University of Washington

Research in social psychology, social cognition, and education. Her work includes the self, identity, gender, power, inferences, and situational and cognitive factors in learning.

  • Psychology
Serena Cosgrove, PhD

Serena Cosgrove

Director, Latin American Studies
PhD, Sociology, Northeastern University

Work includes post-conflict research in Sub-Saharan Africa. Currently investigating the resilience of Central American indigenous communities and the gendered effects of conflict.

  • Central and Latin America
Elizabeth Dale, PhD

Elizabeth Dale

Associate Professor, Nonprofit Leadership
PhD, Philanthropic Studies, Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy

Dr. Dale studies philanthropy and charitable giving, particularly among women and LGBTQ people.

  • Arts Leadership
  • Non-Profit Leadership
Vladimir Dashkeev, PhD

Vladimir Dashkeev

Assistant Professor, Economics
PhD, Economics, University of Washington

Dr. Dashkeev's research areas are macroeconomics, international macroeconomics, and fiscal policy.

  • International Business
  • Macro Economics
Janiece DeSocio, PhD

Janiece DeSocio

Sauvage Endowed Professor of Nursing
PhD, Nursing, University of Rochester School of Nursing

Dr. DeSocio's focus is on Family Psychiatric Mental Health and Child Adolescent Behavioral Health while specializing in Epigenetics and the Neuroscience of Toxic Stress.

  • Child Adolescent Behavioral Health
  • Childhood & Adolescent Eating Disorders
  • Epigenetics and the Neuroscience of Toxic Stress
  • Family Psychiatric Mental Health
Hilary Flanagan

Hilary Flanagan

Executive Director, Career Engagement
M.Ed, Master of Education, Student Development in Higher Education, University of Maine

Career engagement and preparation for students.

  • Career Engagement
  • Student Preparation
Jennifer Fricas, PhD

Jennifer Fricas

Assistant Professor
PhD in Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development, University of Minnesota

Professor Fricas has forged a career in the development and education of population health. This field focuses on promoting health and preventing disease for at-risk groups.

  • Community Health
  • Global Health
  • Population Health
Elizabeth Gabzdyl, DNP, MSN

Elizabeth Gabzdyl

Assistant Professor
DNP, University of Illinois at Chicago

Certified Nurse Midwifery Track Lead

  • Midwifery
Jacqueline Helfgott, PhD

Jacqueline Helfgott

Director, Crime & Justice Research Center
PhD, Administration of Justice, Pennsylvania State University

Research focuses on criminal behavior, corrections/reentry, policing and public safety, restorative/community justice, and crisis intervention in law enforcement.

  • Civil Disobedience
  • Criminal Justice
Trish Henley, PhD

Trish Henley

Special Assistant to the Provost, Graduate Education
PhD, English Literature, Florida State University

Research interests include curricular design; and e-learning. Designed online, hybrid, and face-to-face courses and developed a hybrid B.A. degree-completion program.

  • Remote Learning
Allison Henrich, PhD

Allison Henrich

PhD, Mathematics, Dartmouth College

Allison Henrich's math scholarship focuses on knot theory and games. She also mentors undergraduates in research.

  • Mathematics
Mathew Isaac, PhD

Mathew Isaac

Professor, Marketing
PhD, Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

His research focuses primarily on consumer judgment and decision-making, examining how contextual and motivational factors influence product evaluations and purchase intentions.

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing
Nalini Iyer, PhD

Nalini Iyer

Theiline Pigott-McCone Endowed Chair for the Humanities
Ph. D. in English, Purdue University

Internationally recognized expert in South Asian literatures and cultures, her research focuses on: the hegemony of Anglophone writing, diaspora studies, and Partition Studies.

  • Partition and its Aftermath
  • South Asian Immigration
  • South Asian Literature and Culture
Stacey Jones, PhD

Stacey Jones

Senior Instructor, Economics
PhD, Economics, Stanford University

Research focuses on the historical development of women's role in the US economy, including women's role in the labor market, higher education, and the household.

  • Women’s Role in Economics
Mark Jordan, PhD

Mark Jordan

Associate Professor
PhD, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, University of California, Berkeley

Dr. Jordan’s research focuses on wildlife biology and management with a particular focus on human-carnivore coexistence in urban areas.

  • Biology
  • Urban Ecology
  • Wildlife Biology
Kristi Lee, PhD

Kristi Lee

Associate Professor of Clinical Mental Health Counseling
PhD, Counselor Education, College of William and Mary

Dr. Lee has worked in a variety of clinical settings including a women's prison, college counseling centers, and a mandated treatment center for offenders.

  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Leadership
Gina Lopardo, EdD

Gina Lopardo

Director, Education Abroad
EdD, Educational Leadership, Seattle University

In her role at SU, she works with faculty, staff and administrators to promote campus internationalization and develop new study abroad programs and partnerships.

  • Campus Internationalization
  • Study Abroad Programs and Partnerships
Kira Mauseth, PhD

Kira Mauseth

Senior Instructor, Psychology
PhD, Clinical Psychology, Seattle Pacific University

Research interests focus on resilience, trauma recovery, and behavioral health. She is a co-lead for the WA State Department of Health, Behavioral Health Strike Team.

  • Disaster Relief
  • Psychology
  • Trauma & Disaster Counseling
Carrie Westmoreland Miller, PhD

Carrie Miller

Associate Professor
PhD, Washington State University

Post-modern infant feeding experiences and the rhetoric of breastfeeding education. Best practices of clinical Simulation, virtual Simulation, and Simulation outcomes.

  • Clinical Simulation
  • Infant Feeding
Christopher Paul, PhD

Christopher Paul

Ph.D., Communication Studies, University of Minnesota

His research focuses on analyzing video games using tools from communication and rhetorical analysis. Focus is on language and meaning making in video games and their communities.

  • Digital Media & Video Gaming
Kumhee Ro, DNP

Kumhee Ro

Assistant Professor
DNP, University of Washington

Dr. Ro's research focuses on promoting diversity in the healthcare workforce as an approach to reducing health disparities in our underserved communities.

  • Diversity in Healthcare Workforce
  • Diversity in Nursing Education
  • Mentorship
  • Nursing Faculty of Color
Jeffery Smith, PhD

Jeffery Smith

Boeing Frank Shrontz Chair of Professional Ethics
PhD, Moral and Political Philosophy, University of Minnesota

Interests lie at the intersection of philosophy and business. Focused on ethical decision making in organizations and the philosophical foundations of corporate responsibility.

  • Business Ethics
  • Corporate Responsibility
Kristen Swanson, PhD

Kristen Swanson

PhD, University of Colorado

Dean Swanson's focus in on caring and healing. She is the author of Theory of Caring.

  • Caring and Nursing Practice
  • Nurse Training
  • Promoting Healing after Pregnancy Loss
  • Responses to Miscarriage
Phillip Thompson, PhD

Phillip Thompson

Director of Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability
PhD, Environmental Engineering, University of Iowa

Examines alternative water treatment systems for developing countries. Research includes the use of plants to restore soil and groundwater contaminated by explosives waste.

  • Civil/Environmental Engineering
  • E-Waste
  • Hydrology
  • Sustainability

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