SU in the News

02/01/2018 | Philanthropy News Digest

Female Donors to Women's and Girls' Causes Embrace Risk, Study Finds

Story quotes study co-author Elizabeth Dale, assistant professor in Seattle U's Nonprofit Leadership program.

01/30/2018 | The Findings Report Pitch Podcast

The Pitch: Persuasion Knowledge

Podcast and text is about marketing research co-authored by Seattle U Prof. Mathew Isaac.

01/25/2018 | US News via AP

Death Penalty Ban Clears State Senate Committee

Story includes mention of 2015 Seattle U study on the cost of death penalty cases.

01/25/2018 | Conversations Magazine

Sports in Schools: Beyond Winning and Losing

01/24/2018 | The Catholic Spirit

Catholic tradition an antidote to ‘crisis of meaning’ in sports

Story features interview with Seattle U Jesuit Fr. Patrick Kelly, who studies the intersection of sports and faith.

01/23/2018 | Third Sector

Fundraising undervalued by sector 'because it is seen as women's work'

Story is about a study conducted by Elizabeth J Dale, assistant professor of non-profit leadership, which found that this perception has led to a gender pay gap and an over-representation of men in senior level positions in both the UK and North American fundraising sectors.

01/19/2018 | KUOW-FM

News stressing you out? Here are ways to cope

Story includes comments by Rebecca Cobb, PhD, LMFT, assistant clinical professor and Clinical Coordinator, Couples & Family Therapy Program, School of Theology and Ministry.

01/19/2018 | The New York Times

Are Felons Fit to Be Lawyers? Increasingly, the Answer Is Yes

Article includes the story of Seattle U Law School graduate Tara Simmons.