SU in the News

08/31/2018 | Crosscut

Supporting homeless individuals: How much do we spend?

Story includes interview with School of Law Prof. Sara Rankin.

08/27/2018 | Sierra

The Top 20 Coolest Schools 2018

08/21/2018 | US News & World Report

What to Know About a Vacation Quarter at U.S. Universities

Story includes interview with Seattle U student and staff.

08/20/2018 | The Seattle Times

Closed-door negotiations but no deal in battle over Seattle plan to upzone neighborhoods

Story includes comments from Marco Lowe, adjunct professor of political science.

08/16/2018 | The Seattle Times

Chinatown’s elders are being priced out of their traditional neighborhood

Story includes comments from Marie Rose Wong, PhD, associate professor in Seattle U's Institute of Public Service and Asian Studies Program and Public Affairs.

08/16/2018 | Crosscut

Background checks give false sense of security at airports

Guest opinion column by Jacqueline Helfgott, PhD, of Seattle U's Criminal Justice program.

08/09/2018 | China Global Television News

Trump’s tariffs squeeze coffee businesses in Washington

Story includes interview with Seattle U Assoc. Prof. of Economics Brian Kelly.

08/08/2018 | Seattle Business

Executive Q&A: Seattle Seahawks CFO Karen Spencer on Sports, Money and the NFL

Ms. Spencer is an alumna of Seattle U.