SU in the News

01/30/2017 | Crosscut

Washington will take a swing at Trump’s order

Story includes interview with Won Kidane, Seattle U School of Law professor.

01/30/2017 | The Seattle Times

‘We didn’t sleep, we didn’t eat’: Families separated by Trump’s immigration ban wait and hope at Sea

Includes comments from Seattle U School of Law professor & volunteer attorney Mike Russo.

01/27/2017 | KING TV

What does President Trump's proposed trade policy mean for Washington State?

Seattle U economics associate professor Brian Kelly was interviewed live to comment about impact of the president's trade announcements.

01/20/2017 | The Seattle Times

We need real solutions to vehicle campers

01/26/2017 | The Christian Science Monitor

Federal judge declares Ohio’s execution process unconstitutional

01/25/2017 | Seattle Weekly editorial

Thanks for the Homeless Camps, Mayor, But Stop the Sweeps