SU in the News

03/10/2017 | Redmond Reporter

New Redmond law firm offers affordable services

Story about Seattle U law school alum who recently opened a low-bono firm with the assistance of her alma mater's Low Bono Incubator Program.

03/10/2017 | KING 5

Winner announced for I-5 column design contest

Story announcing that Seattle University student Nathan Watkins won the design competition to paint some columns under Interstate 5.

03/10/2017 | Bloomberg

Uber Deal Giving Drivers $1 Each Sparks Feud Among Rival Lawyers

Story quotes Seattle U labor law professor Charlotte Garden.

03/07/2017 | Financial Times

How to avoid criticism over decision making

Story about book and research by Terese Huston, PhD, faculty development consultant at Seattle U.

03/08/2017 | Roll Call

Conservatives Ask: Is House Health Plan Unconstitutional?

Story quotes Seattle U law professor Andrew Siegel.

03/07/2017 | The Seattle Times

Fate of ‘Dreamers’ could hinge on which court hears Seattle-area case

Story quotes Seattle U School of Law Prof. Won Kidane.

03/06/2017 | The Seattle Times

Trump’s new travel ban avoids some legal pitfalls but not all, local experts say

Story quotes two Seattle U Law School professors, experts in immigration and constitutional law.

03/03/2017 | The New York Times

A Great New Accidental Renaissance

Op-ed columnist Tim Egan attended Seattle U's Search for Meaning Fesitval.

03/01/2017 | KCTS 9

Year of the Dragon: Poetry for Equality

Story is about Seattle U law school student and poet Troy Osaki whose poem Year of the Dragon was made into a short film.

02/21/2017 | The Conversation

Threats of violent Islamist and far-right extremism: What does the research say?

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice William Parkin and colleagues examine the impact of terrorist acts commited by Islamic and far-right extremists on the American public and on anti-terrorism policy.