SU in the News

05/13/2017 | KING TV

Law student who turned life around blocked from taking bar exam

Story about Seattle U law school student Tarra Simmons who graduated yesterday but is barred from taking the bar exam due to her criminal conviction.

05/11/2017 | The Seattle Times

Jenny Durkan, former U.S. attorney, to run for Seattle mayor

Story includes comments by Seattle U political science Prof. Marco Lowe.

05/11/2017 | Crosscut

A new place for Seattle’s homeless: In my backyard

Story includes comments by Seattle U law Prof. Sara Rankin, director of the Homelessness Rights Advocacy Project.

05/11/2017 | Northwest News Network

From Drugs To Prison To Law School, Woman Faces One Extra Hurdle To Become A Lawyer

Story about Seattle U law student Tarra Simmons.

05/05/2017 | KUOW-FM

Governor Jay Inslee: 'This is not the era of Trump'

Recap with full audio of Washington Gov. Jay Inslee's visit to Seattle U on April 12.

05/04/2017 | Times-Picayune

Class-action status sought for Louisiana indigent defense lawsuit

Story includes work of Seattle U law Prof. Robert Boruchowitz.

04/30/2017 | Q13 Fox

Profile: Who is Kshama Sawant?

Story includes analysis by Seattle U American Politics Prof. Patrick Schoettmer.