SU in the News

07/30/2017 | The New York Times

Consumers May Be More Trusting of Ads Than Marketers Think

Story quotes study co-author Assoc. Prof. of Marketing Mathew Isaac, Albers School of Business and Economics.

07/19/2017 | Bellevue Reporter

Family of Bellevue girl whose anti-bullying video went viral calls on district to protect students

Story includes comments from Seattle U security officer Ricardo Bland who attended the meeting in uniform to offer his support to the family.

07/19/2017 | Tech Republic

Study: These 10 universities graduate the tech professionals with the highest salaries

Graduates from Seattle U earned the most.

07/17/2017 | Times of India

Everyday objects come to life in soap carvings

Story about Bangalore art exhibit of works by Fr. Trung Pham, Seattle U asst. prof. of Fine Art who is teaching at St. Joseph's College there this summer.

07/17/2017 | Seattle Met magazine

With Muses, Immigrants and Refugees Sew a Fresh Start

Story about 2012 alumna Sandrine Espie and a partner who founded Muses, which teaches apparel manufacturing to immigrants.

07/14/2017 | GeekWire

Geek of the Week: IT veteran Joe Hueffed might have the most iconic Seattle resume ever

Prolfile of Joe Hueffed, Seattle U alumnus. 

07/12/2017 | KING TV

Will endorsements make a difference in Seattle's mayoral race?

Story includes interview with Marco Lowe, SU professor of political science.

07/10/2017 | KIRO 7

Seattle City Council to vote on income tax for high earners

Story includes interview with Susan Weirich, PhD, associate professor of accounting.

07/09/2017 | The Seattle Times

Number of deadly police shootings in King County is little changed over past 12 years

Story includes comments from Matthew Hickman, PhD, associate professor of criminal justice and an expert in police use of force.

07/05/2017 | Real Change

Portrait of an Artist: Lawrence Pitre documents the Central District

Pitre is a 2017 graduate of Seattle U's master of fine arts program.