SU in the News

08/31/2017 | KUOW-FM

Head under the freeway for a new take on sunrise, sunset

Story showcases the design work of Seattle U student Nathan Watkins.

08/30/2017 | The Seattle Times

Beyond the headliners: Madeline Kenney, Jason McCue aim to make the most of their first Bumbershoot

Jason McCue is a Seattle U student and promotions director for the student radio station KXSU.

08/30/2017 | Curbed

Downtown and First Hill freeway columns gain sunset design

Stlory is about Seattle U student's winning design and painting of the columns.

08/29/2017 | Newsweek


Story includes interview with Seattle U Prof. Rachel Luft, a Hurricane Katrina survivor who studies on race and gender intersectionality. 

08/25/2017 | The Seattle Times

Have you noticed? Seattle police are writing fewer traffic tickets

Story mentions neighborhood crime survey conducted by Seattle U's Criminal Justice Dept.

08/25/2017 | The Oregonian

Oregon cops band together to push for more state oversight

Story includes comments from Seattle U criminal justice Prof. Matthew Hickman.

08/21/2017 | The Stranger

Another Dishonest Take from the Seattle Times Editorial Board on Homelessness

Story includes interview with Sara Rankin, Seattle U law professor and director of the Homeless Rights Advocacy Project.

08/15/2017 | Bloomberg BNA

Labor Organizing in Right-to-Work States Is Numbers Game

Story includes comments from Seattle U labor law Prof. Charlotte Garden.

08/14/2017 | Inside Higher Ed

Sociologists call for a response to online targeting of and threats against public scholars

Story includes comments from meeting panelist Jodi O"Brien, PhD, Seattle U professor of sociology.