SU in the News

02/06/2018 | The Seattle Times

Seattle is putting fences under its bridges to keep campers out — and some say that’s wrong

Story includes perspective of Prof. Sara Rankin, director of the Homeless Rights Advocacy Project in the Seattle U School of Law.

02/06/2018 | Yakima Herald

Yakima Valley College still silent on Dolezal controversy

Story includes interview with Tyrone Brown, assistant director of Seattle U's Office of Multicultural Affairs.

02/03/2018 | Crosscut

Tense moments, fruitful dialog and lots of laughs — all at Crosscut Festival

Summary of Crosscut Festival held at Seattle U. 

02/02/2018 | Crosscut

Quips and a few punches at D.C. in governors’ talk

Coverage of Crosscut Festival hosted by Seattle University.

02/02/2018 | The Seattle Times

A judge explains why jury diversity is a work in progress

Guest op-ed by Ed McKenna, acting presiding judge for Seattle Municipal Court, cites research conducted by the Seattle U Criminal Justice Department.

02/02/2018 | The Texas Tribune

How minor offenses feed overcrowding at Houston youth jail

Story includes interview with Paul Holland, Seattle U Law School professor who is an expert on juvenile justice.

02/02/2018 | SeattleMet

A Bill to Abolish the Death Penalty Garners Support in Washington

Story includes quotes by Seattle U Criminal Justice Prof. Pete Collins, who testified at the state Senate hearing. 

02/01/2018 | Philanthropy News Digest

Female Donors to Women's and Girls' Causes Embrace Risk, Study Finds

Story quotes study co-author Elizabeth Dale, assistant professor in Seattle U's Nonprofit Leadership program.