SU in the News

06/24/2017 | The New York Times

Men Can Be So Hormonal

Guest op-ed by Seattle U Prof. Therese Huston.

06/23/2017 | The Seattle Times

Podcast: who’s got the mojo in Seattle’s wild mayoral primary?

Podcast includes interview with Seattle U political science Prof. Marco Lowe.

06/22/2017 | Geekwire

UW tops list of most influential schools in tech

But Seattle U tech programs alumni rank number one with an average salary of over $265,000.

06/15/2017 | Associated Press

4 keys to successful debt consolidation

Story includes inteview with and comments by Mathew Isaac, SU associate professor of marketing.

06/15/2017 | KIRO 7

Potential costs, complications of Seattle income tax

Story features interview with Assoc. Prof. Susan Weihrich, Albers School of Business & Economics.

06/15/2017 | The Seattle Times

Ed Murray may campaign as write-in candidate for Seattle mayor, but could it even work?

Story includes comments from political science adjunct Prof. Marco Lowe.

06/14/2017 | Catholic News Service

Villanova University conference explores intersection of faith and sports

Story includes comments from Fr. Patrick Kelly of Seattle U, who studies the intersection of faith and sports.