SU in the News

01/10/2018 | PBS NewsHour

How animal cameras are capturing Seattle’s wild side

Rebroadcast of story that originally aired on PBS Seattle affiliate KCTS-TV. 

01/10/2018 | KING TV

5 women in film talk #MeToo movement in Seattle

TV news story about panel of local women in film presented by the Seattle U Film Studies program.

01/10/2018 | Capitol Hill Seattle Blog

Seattle U’s new campus store now open at 12th and Madison

01/04/2018 | The Houston Chronicle

Did far-right extremist violence really spike in 2017?

Publication of an article in The Conversation by Seattle U criminal justice Prof. William Parkin.

12/28/2017 | Univision

UCLA students analyzed Trump's tweets and speeches as part of DACA lawsuit

Story includes comments from Seattle U law professor Robert Chang.

12/19/2017 | The Stranger

Seattle Uses Bike Racks to Discourage Homeless Camping

Story includes comments from Seattle U law professor Sara Rankin, director of the Homeless Rights Advocacy Project.

12/15/2017 | BuzzFeed

5 Reasons Why Ignatius Of Loyola Was The First Jedi Master

Not about Seattle U but a fun and timely read nonetheless.