SU in the News

05/02/2018 | The New York Times

Political Arrests, Yes. Gang Violence, No. What It Takes to Get Asylum in the U.S.

Story includes comments by Seattle U adjunct law professor Devin T. Theriot-Orr.

04/30/2018 | KNKX-FM

How Immigrant Rights Plays Into May Day

Interview with Seattle U Prof. Amelia Derr.

04/30/2018 | WalletHub

2018’s Best Large Cities to Start a Business

Story includes sidebar Q&A with Assoc. Prof. of Mangement Colette Hoption in the SU Albers School of Busness and Economics.

04/26/2018 | KIRO 7

Genealogy sites lead to suspect

Story about role of DNA in identifying the so-called "Golden State Killer" includes interview with Seattle U School of Law Prof. Debra Ahrens. 

04/23/2018 | GeekWire

Vera Whole Health aims for ‘healthcare revolution’ as it raises $5M, plans six new clinics

Vera Whole Health was founded by Seattle U MBA student Ryan Schmid. 

04/20/2018 | Voice of America program "In China with Michelle Zao"

The Pace of Innovation in China

Guest on the podcast was Albers School of Business management Prof. David Reid, PhD. an expert on international strategy as it pertains to China and Japan.