SU in the News

07/17/2018 | Seattle Met magazine

The University of Washington’s Wireless Robotic Insect Takes Flight

Story includes comment about ethical implications by Nathan Colaner, a philosophy professor at Seattle University. 

07/12/2018 | KING TV New Day Northwest

Is Mean World Syndrome affecting how you view your community?

Interview with Seattle U Prof. Jacqueline Helfgott, chair of the Criminal Justice program.

07/11/2018 | The Nation

10 Questions Judge Kavanaugh Should Answer

Story includes context and question for Judge Kavanugh about labor rights by Seattle U Law School Prof. Charlotte Garden.

07/11/2018 | BOMB Magazine

Steven Holl: Making Architecture by Michael Brod

Story includes mention of the Holl-designed St. Ignatius Chapel.

07/09/2018 | KOMO News

If confirmed, Trump's nominee for U.S. Supreme Court could impact controversial decisions

Story features interview with Seattle U Law School Prof. Andrew Siegel.

07/03/2018 | Geekwire

Author of ‘Why Women Don’t Code’ defends essay as colleagues, diversity experts challenge claims

Story includes perspectives of Ruchika Tulshyan, an adjunct lecturer in Communications at Seattle University.