SU in the News

03/03/2018 | The Seattle Times

Judge rules Seattle homeless man’s truck is a home

Story includes comments by Sara Rankin, Seattle U law professor and director of the Homeless Rights Advocacy Project.

02/27/2018 | The New York Times

A Homeless Camp in Our Back Yard? Please, a University Says

Stiory about homeless camp at Seattle Pacific University mentions past camps at Seattle U and the UW.

02/26/2018 | KNKX-FM

U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Case With Big Significance For Public-Sector Unions

Story includes interview with Seattle U labor law professor Charlotte Garden.

02/22/2018 | KIRO7

Seattle U historian: Will the Parkland shooting youth movement bring lasting change?

Story features interview with Seattle U assistant professor of history Emily Lieb, PhD.

02/20/2018 | KING TV New Day Northwest

Professor answers questions about Russian interference in presidential election

Interview with Seattle U political science professor Marco Lowe. 

02/20/2018 | Crosscut

Is there a Republican in your future?

Coverage of the Crosscut Festival held at Seattle U in early February.

02/16/2018 | The Seattle Times

Listen to ideas for change from the post-Columbine generation

Guest op-ed by three communications students at Seattle U.