SU in the News

06/28/2018 | The Seattle Times

‘Mean world syndrome’: In some Seattle neighborhoods, fear of crime exceeds reality

Coverage of public safety survey results conducted by the Seattle U Criminal Justice department.

06/27/2018 | Mother Jones

How the Supreme Court’s Latest Ruling Could Decimate Public Sector Unions

Story features Q&A with Seattle U Law School associate professor of law.

06/26/2018 | NBC News

In travel ban decision, Supreme Court rejects ruling supporting World War II internment

Story includes comments from Robert S. Chang, professor of law in the Seattle U School of Law. 

06/25/2018 | CNBC

Jimmy Fallon is not alone: 'Rage giving' fuels record fundraising for immigrant children

Story includes comments from Elizabeth Dale, assistant professor of nonprofit leadership at Seattle University.

06/25/2018 | KNKX-FM

Public-Sector Unions In Washington Brace For Potentially Adverse Supreme Court Decision

Story includes comments from Charlotte Garden, an associate professor at the Seattle University School of Law.