SU in the News

07/17/2018 | Seattle Met magazine

The University of Washington’s Wireless Robotic Insect Takes Flight

Story includes comment about ethical implications by Nathan Colaner, a philosophy professor at Seattle University. 

07/12/2018 | KING TV New Day Northwest

Is Mean World Syndrome affecting how you view your community?

Interview with Seattle U Prof. Jacqueline Helfgott, chair of the Criminal Justice program.

07/11/2018 | The Nation

10 Questions Judge Kavanaugh Should Answer

Story includes context and question for Judge Kavanugh about labor rights by Seattle U Law School Prof. Charlotte Garden.

07/11/2018 | BOMB Magazine

Steven Holl: Making Architecture by Michael Brod

Story includes mention of the Holl-designed St. Ignatius Chapel.

07/09/2018 | KOMO News

If confirmed, Trump's nominee for U.S. Supreme Court could impact controversial decisions

Story features interview with Seattle U Law School Prof. Andrew Siegel.

07/03/2018 | Geekwire

Author of ‘Why Women Don’t Code’ defends essay as colleagues, diversity experts challenge claims

Story includes perspectives of Ruchika Tulshyan, an adjunct lecturer in Communications at Seattle University.

07/03/2018 | Sports Sustainability Journal

Academics win IOC grant to explore the impact of Olympic sustainability initiatives

Tim Kellison, assistant professor at Georgia State University, and Brian McCullough, assistant professor at Seattle University, have received a $10,000 grant from the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Olympic Studies Centre to explore how local attitudes and behaviors change towards the environment after the Games as a result of sustainability initiatives.