Do You Agree with the Critics that Seattle University’s Food is the Best? Come Taste for Yourself!


WHAT: Attention media! Do you want to taste how far college food has come since you were a student? If so, then come over for a free lunch next Tuesday! Sample the food during the bustling lunch rush, ask the students what they think, or talk to a local fisherman who catches the tuna on your plate.

The campus food at SU recently topped the Sierra Club’s Cool Schools Survey for having the most environmentally friendly food, and placed in The Daily Beast’s top 20 for all-around best food.

While college food has gotten a bad rap for years, SU serves tasty, earth-friendly and locally produced fare. Bon Appétit Management Company is the onsite restaurant company that provides SU’s food and catering services.

Year-round, at least 50 percent of SU’s food comes from local producers and farmers to help ensure food quality and freshness. Celebrating the Eat Local Challenge next Tuesday, every single ingredient in Cherry Street Market, the main campus dining area, will come from within 150 miles of SU.

With health and wellness being such an important part of life, students and parents are now checking out campus food as part of their decision-making when choosing a college.

WHEN: Tuesday, September 27, 2011
              11 a.m.

WHERE: Student Center, Cherry Street Market
                (Street parking on 12th Avenue, then enter via turnaround at 12th/Columbia. Building is to the south, next to library)

**Media availability – Bon Appétit food service director, director of health promotion, students, Ballard fisherman Joe Malley who catches and distributes some of SU’s seafood

Contact:  Stacy Howard, Media Relations, 206-890-9013