Teeing Up for U.S. Open

Shon Crewe, '97, excited for golf championship coming to town

Written by Annie Beckmann
Photography by John Lok
May 20, 2015
As she looks out over Chambers Bay, Shon Crewe, ’97, imagines how this scenic golf course in University Place will come alive during the U.S. Open Championship in June.

Each day of this event—June 15-21—will bring a sold-out crowd of 40,000 spectators eager to watch world-class pro golfers. Crewe, co-host on 710 ESPN’s Northwest Golf Show, will be in the thick of the action, interviewing players, covering the ever-changing standings and possibly even getting in a round with a pro.

“This environment makes me happy,” she says. She revels in the drama that will unfold as trains chug past this rolling links-only course with a firm fescue turf—variables never encountered before at a U.S. Open.

For Crewe, the opportunity to cover this event has been a long time in the making. She spent many years focused on how to best advance the notion of golf commentary where experts would share golf news, talk with and about professional golfers and more.

“I also felt it was important to be intentional about coverage of female golfers and young players,” she says.

Crewe auditioned for work in entertainment, joined a talent agency, modeled, acted in videos and commercials in addition to random odds and ends to put herself out there in the public eye. That tug of a dream to be a golf commentator stuck with her.

Crewe, a journalism and communications major, played varsity soccer at SU. No women’s golf team existed at the time. Still, Crewe developed such a tenacious dedication to golf that she happily describes everything from the sport’s etiquette to the fact that each time golf is played, circumstances change.

She imagined herself doing a TV golf show and began to create one.

“It was hard trying to host, write and produce it all,” says Crewe. “Pulling it altogether was crazy, plus I still had to sell a pilot to a network.

“Right about then, the economy tanked and I said to myself, ‘how can you talk about playing golf when people are losing their homes?’ So I had to take a step back.”

Then one day a golf friend suggested she might want to team up with Jim Moore, a veteran sports writer now at Seattle’s 710 ESPN for sports talk as part of the “Danny, Dave and Moore” program.

Moore, an avid golfer himself, liked Crewe’s ideas for golf talk radio. The two of them began with podcasts the first year. In the past couple of years, they’ve moved to live radio most Sunday mornings during golf season, March to September.

“Shon's been great to work with,” says Moore. “We both come to the radio business from different backgrounds so it's been fun to learn on the fly with her.”

Crewe is a very good interviewer, according to her co-anchor, and has a good sense of humor, too. Now in their fourth year, Moore and Crewe have cultivated quite a following not only locally, but also nationally and internationally.

“She has turned this whole golf thing into a Twitter following of more than 50,000 and she has come up with so many contacts that have led to all kinds of guests we've had on the show,” says Moore.

Today, Crewe is one of only a few female golf show hosts in the country.

“If ever there was a time to devote myself 100 percent to golf, this would be that time.”

Unequivocally, Crewe says, “Golf is no longer just Tiger Woods.”

Janeen Driscoll, director of public relations for the U.S. Golf Association, says that’s the mindset Crewe brings to golf, particularly for women.

“Shon is a rare find in the game of golf. Beyond her professional commitment to tell the game’s great stories, she personally invests her time to draw others to the sport we love.

“Her ambassadorship for recreational golf has inspired a new generation of women to use the game for camaraderie, exercise, life balance and fun,” says Driscoll. “...We need more like her.”
Shon Crewe Shon Crewe, pictured at Chambers Bay—the site of the U.S. Open—is excited for the opportunities the event will present. Crewe is co-host of the Northwest Golf Show with Jim Moore on 710 ESPN-Seattle.