SU Style

SU Style looks at what’s “in fashion” on campus

July 8, 2011

Maria Zazycki: assistant director of Donor Relations & Special Events/MBA student

Who instilled in you your fashion sense?

My older sister, who is an art teacher. In high school, she and I would spend weekends shopping for clothes at thrift stores. This was the late 1980s, long before thrift store shopping was hip. We’d find vintage cardigans and retro sun dresses for 99 cents. I definitely found a different sense of style through these excursions.

What is your most cherished item of clothing?

That’s so hard to determine. I especially love clothes gifted to me by friends. This season, I’m in love with a pair of black felted arm-warmers from my friend TJ. They are the perfect combination of warmth and practicality. Whoever designed the first arm-warmer is a genius!

Where do you shop for clothes and accessories?

I love to shop local. Retrofit Home on Capitol Hill; Laura B, Velouria and Market Street Shoes in Ballard. And my all-time favorite clothing store is Anthropologie. It’s not local, but the clothes are so unique. Whether it’s a hidden pocket here or a bit of contrasting fabric there, their clothes make even a rainy Monday feel like a party day.

When did you develop your signature style?

I go through a new sense of style every five years or so. I definitely attribute my current sense of high-volume color to living in cloudy Seattle for the past decade. I often wonder if I had landed in sunny California would I be wearing black every day.

How would you describe your look?

I actually don’t think much about it. I rarely read fashion magazines and while I love [Project Runway’s] Tim Gunn, I find it hard to follow his wise-yet-prescribed advice. I often describe myself as a walking contradiction. I think my look is just me—wacky, yet practical, and filled with a good sense of humor.