Good Eats

Seattle University’s food tops the Sierra Club’s Cool Schools survey

Written by Stacy Howard
Photography by Chris Joseph Taylor
September 14, 2011

Seattle University’s food isn’t just good, it’s good for you. The university is one of only two schools out of 118 in the Sierra Club’s Cool Schools survey that scored a nine out of 10. The survey ranks colleges with the most environmentally friendly food.

BonAppétit Management Company is the onsite restaurant company that provides Seattle University’s food and catering services.  
“This is a great example of how Bon Appétit and Seattle University have partnered together for positive change,” says Buzz Hofford, Bon Appétit food service director. “Eliminating bottled water on campus was huge because it shows we’re willing to sacrifice profits and walk the talk when it comes to sustainability.”

Hofford said these decisions usually cost money in the short-term, but the savings show up in the long-term. For example, organics, wild salmon and cage-free eggs can be pricey up front. But in the long run, we have healthier bodies, a cleaner environment and a food system that’s just and sustainable. Not only are we educating our customers on these issues but we are also empowering them to vote with their forks.”

Seattle University's salad bar is wildly popular with students, faculty, staff and visitors to campus.