Taking Seattle University's Mission Global

By Stacy Howard
Photo Credit: Chris J. Taylor

Seven dynamic projects have received funding through the global grants program 2012.  The projects create pedagogical models and engage students in hands-on learning and service in Africa, Latin America and Asia.  

The Global Grants program supports new initiatives that will make an ongoing contribution to the global mission of Seattle University. The primary focus is on developing models and programs for experiential international learning both locally and internationally, and on capacity-building for SU faculty to develop these skills in our students.   

“The seven global grants mark a key milestone in Seattle University’s engagement of the world,” said Victoria Jones, associate provost for global engagement. “Not only will the funding make a direct and significant impact in communities throughout the world, but these projects also enhance our capabilities for delivering an education that is truly global.”  

The following projects have been funded for 2012:  

An Experiential Appropriate Illumination Technology Workshop and Student Immersion Experience 
College of Science & Engineering 
Henry Louie, Ph.D. College of Science & Engineering  

This project includes campus workshops, hands-on building projects, distributing lamps locally and in Zambia. Students will gain a greater understanding of what makes a technology appropriate and reflect upon the challenges that inadequate and dangerous lighting means to real people in the real world.                                                             

Electricity, English and Music for Thailand 
College of Science & Engineering 
Phillip Thompson, Ph.D.  

A multi-disciplinary group of students will engage with the people of Mae Nam Khun, Thailand to meet a diverse set of needs in this community and learn directly from them as they work side by side to provide music and English lessons and electric services.                         

Ensuring Sustainable Partnerships in Nursing 
College of Nursing                                     
Jennifer Fricas, MPH, RN   

This project develops additional SU nursing faculty to lead international student learning and brings international scholars to campus. All activities are built upon existing partnerships. In addition, grant funds will be used to analyze and improve upon collaborations to assure they continue to meet the needs of partners and of SU learners. The goals of this proposed project are sustainability and efficacy.   

Interdisciplinary Poverty Alleviation Research Trip to Ghana with Students 
Matteo Ricci College                                       
Serena Cosgrove, Ph.D.

Seattle University students will conduct research to assess the impact of a micro-credit loan program run by the Seattle-based NGO, Lumana.   

International Community Engagement at the Jesuit Mission of Bachajon in  Chiapas, Mexico 
College of Arts & Sciences        
Tom Taylor, Ph.D.  

This program is a pilot for service learning with student groups in collaboration with Jesuit missions. The Jesuits of the mission of Bachajon work with the Tseltal people of the region to help develop sustainable social, economic and spiritual communities.                                     

Social Justice Advocacy and Global Counseling Needs in Nicaragua 
College of Education 
Mary Amanda Graham, Ph.D. & Kristi Lee, Ph.D.    

Funding from Global Grants program will support an international service learning graduate counseling course that will focus on global mental health needs and international social justice advocacy.   

SUCON Expansion of Nicaragua Collaborations: Partnering for Community Health
College of Nursing 
Jennifer Fricas, MPH, RN  

The award from the Global Grants program will expand the depth and reach of the experientital learning component of the College of Nursing’s Summer Program in Nicaragua.




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