Frequently Asked Questions

I am thinking about changing my major. When should I let you know?

A change of major may affect what courses you need to take in the upcoming quarter, so let us know as soon as possible. Additionally, if you are interested in several majors and have not decided, let us know that as well and we will schedule accordingly.

Should I come to Seattle University with a specific major in mind?

You are not required to know what your major will be. Do provide us with information on your preferences form so we can best place you in classes for your first quarter. Let your experiences with the college community, teachers, advisors and other students, help you develop a broader and more informed basis for making a choice when you are ready.

I am having a hard time choosing a major, what should I do?

The choice of specific topics of study in college can be overwhelming. Which major you choose is a personal decision that should take into consideration your interests, skills, values, and abilities, as well as your personal and professional goals. SU's Pre-Major Studies department has a lot of useful information on the topic of choosing a major.

When should I take the Math Placement Exam?

For Fall Entry:

  • Ideally before classes start at your local community college in case you choose to take a course over the summer.
  • At least a week before your Summer in Seattle-gives us a little time to make adjustments if needed.
  • During Add/Drop at the very latest if you are in a math class in fall. (Please don’t wait this long)

For other quarters:

  • As soon as you have a quiet undisturbed time with a good internet connection.
  • During Add/Drop at the very latest if you are in a math class in fall. (Please don’t wait this long)

Visit the Math Department's website for more information about placement.

Should I take the Language Placement Exam?

Only students in the College of Arts and Sciences and International Business majors are required to take a language. Language is an elective for everyone else. Students needing to take language who have taken some language previously and think they can place out of at least 1 quarter of college language should take the exam.

Note: There is no charge to take the Modern Language Placement Exam. For more information about the placement exam, contact the Modern Languages and Cultures department at (206)296-5380

What if I have Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate credit?

  • Send your official exam scores to Seattle University's Registrar's Office to earn credit.
  • On the Schedule Preferences Form report exams taken or expected to be taken before first quarter of attendance.
  • Report known scores.
  • Complete response form whether or not you have already received your AP/IB scores.

My AP scores haven't arrived yet. What do I do?

Complete your housing and registration materials whether or not you have received your scores. Please clearly indicate what exams have been taken. Your initial schedule will be adjusted, if necessary, once the scores are received

What if I have Running Start or transfer credit?

  • Request that an official copy of your transcript be sent to the Admissions Office.
  • Report the number of quarter credits expected on your preference form.
  • Report the last year’s worth of courses on the preferences form.
  • Send an unofficial electronic copy of your transcripts to  
  • Complete the Schedule Preferences Form whether or not you have completed your last course.

What if I need to make changes to my schedule preferences?

Your schedule preferences can only be completed once, so it is important that you take your time while completing it. If you do need to make changes, email

If I register now, is my tuition due right away?

Tuition is typically due the week before classes begin. Therefore, while you are registering now and will be sent a bill, you will not be required to pay tuition until later. For a list of the tuition due dates please visit the Student Financial Serves website.

I can’t come to orientation, can you send me my schedule?

Schedules will not be released until the Student Health Center has received a hard copy confirmation of the student's immunization records. Students who do not attend Summer in Seattle will receive their schedules mid August.

I've decided not to attend Seattle University, what do I need to do?

Inform the Admissions Office by filling out a quick online form. You can also do it over the phone by calling (206) 220-8040 or 1-800-426-7123.

Important Note: If you have completed the registration materials and have been scheduled for classes, these classes are reserved for you and you will be held financially responsible unless you officially notify us that you will not be attending.