Welcome to Seattle University!

The Office of New Student Registration is here to ensure your Redhawk transition is a smooth one. We take the guess work out of registration by doing it for you. This is done based off information you provide on the Schedule Preferences Form.

  1. Start with the Tutorial. This provides you with important information needed to complete the Schedule Preferences Form.
    New Student Registration Tutorial

  2. Once you have completed the Tutorial, you can move on to the Schedule Preferences Form. Because your answers directly affect your classes - take your time.
    Form live by noon PDT November 19th, 2018

  3. Don’t miss out on important SU knowledge and information. Make sure to sign-up for Orientation. Look for the invite in your SU email account.

  4. Need to live on campus?
    Freshmen Housing Info

Still have questions? Below are two places we think are great starting points.

Have questions about the entire SU entry process all the way from being admitted to starting school? Visit the Accepted Freshman page.