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Offered Spring 2021

In this course, we will explore how leaders can apply new technologies in their profession. Unforeseen events, such as Covid19, have the capacity to disrupt many of our traditional leadership models, requiring leaders to reposition their strategies in response.

This course prepares students to take advantage of the emerging technologies in order to better lead in the pandemic and post-pandemic era. We shall look at education and business in Extended Realities (XR) such as VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Alternate Reality), and MR (mixed reality.)


Offered: Spring Quarter 2021

Organizational leaders must be sensitive to and adept at managing the issues and opportunities that arise from difference and diversity. In this course, students will explore workplace diversity topics such as age, abilities, beliefs, ethnicity, gender, race, and sexual orientation, and learn how workplace diversity can provide organizations with opportunities for greater creativity, innovation, and inclusion. Students will analyze theoretical and real-world workplace scenarios that showcase the knowledge and skills leaders need to promote and maintain a diverse and healthy organizational culture.

Offered: Spring Quarter 2021

Today’s organizations must constantly adapt to changes in economic, technological, regulatory, and business environments. In this course, you will explore the factors that drive organizational change, focusing on such topics as change in organizational culture and structure, change communication, and change resistance. Students will analyze, evaluate, and apply change models to real-world organizational change and development initiatives. Through individual and team exercises, examine why employees resist change and how successful leaders gain commitment and overcome barriers to change.

Offered: Spring Quarter 2021

When we watch an advertisement for a new technological gizmo, such as an iPhone, it is presented almost as if it were floating in space. The object exists in a vacuum, separated from human hands and raw materials. But that objective point of view is only an illusion. In fact, entire ecosystems are destroyed to source the raw goods required for digital technology mined by humans—in many cases, children—subjected to horrific work conditions.

Students concerned with where their digital technology comes from and how to combat the exploitative practices behind it will benefit from establishing difficult historical links, analyzing rhetorically deceptive advertisements, and designing alien technology for a more just and hospitable future.


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