My Start to Finish Review of the Seattle University Web Development Certificate – Weeks 4-6

Posted by Sara Reiner on Friday, October 27, 2017 at 3:56 PM PDT

A student's hands typing on a laptop keyboard


Week 4

This week we continued learning about CSS with a focus on CSS layout. There were several required readings on topics like the box model and the 8-hour Lynda CSS Layout course was recommended.

Our project this week was to add CSS layout properties and values to a basic HTML page about Edgar Allen Poe.

I attended a lab session this week at Seattle University so it was great to interact with the instructors in person. There are multiple instructors at the lab to help with any issues you come across or to answer any questions you have. The only challenge was to find parking on campus on a weeknight. The visitor lot was completely full so I ended up parking about a mile away from the classroom.

I learned a neat shortcut for selecting multiple cursors at the same time which is helpful if you need to edit multiple lines of code at the same time.

On Mac you have to enable three finger drag, which is in System Preferences > Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad. Then you can hold option while three finger dragging to enable cursors on multiple lines simultaneously. I also learned that highlighting a code block and then holding shift and then tab will reverse tab that section of code.

Week 5

This week we learned about graphics and video and I learned how to encode a webm video file to mp4 and then display it on a page with the video HTML tag. I used the Miro open-source video player to convert the video file. We also read articles about web standards and regulations that developers should keep in mind when building web sites.

My project for the week involved encoding a webm video to mp4 and displaying it on a page.


Week 6

We had a monthly meetup this week with Hank Yates (@hankyates) speaking about functional programming in JavaScript. I found it difficult to follow the live coding but I was exposed to some terminology and concepts that I can research more at a later time. He discussed setting a fallback value for a function’s argument which I think is new to Ecmascript 6. He also mentioned the JavaScript lambda or arrow functions which I want to read up on.

There was a lot of reading this week, mainly chapters 3,4,7,8 from the online textbook Web Style Guide. We learned about information architecture concepts, wireframing, and usability.

I worked on writing a topic summary and annotated bibliography on my research topic of Automattic rewriting their admin interface with JavaScript instead of PHP. The project this week was to create a wireframe for a redesign of the CSS Zen Garden webpage. I used Balsalmiq for the first time to create a design mockup.

This is a repost from Charles Sipe’s blog about his experience in the Web Development Certificate program at the School of New and Continuing Studies at Seattle University. We will post a snippet from his blog every month. Charles Sipe graduated from the program in Fall of 2016. Contact us to find out more about the certificate.