My Start to Finish Review of the Seattle University Web Development Certificate – Weeks 17-20

Posted by Sara Reiner on Friday, February 23, 2018 at 1:39 PM PST

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Week 17

In the JavaScript course, we learned about creating a good web form experience with helpful validation. We used the jQuery Validation plugin to easily add validation functionality to a common form. A simple JavaScript object contained the rules for the validation and it didn’t take long to get the validation to work and dynamically insert text warnings when a field did not meet requirements such as a correct credit card format or too many characters.

In the hosting course, we learned about how to install WordPress manually on a server on Digital Ocean by following the directions from the tutorial How To Install WordPress on Ubuntu 14.04.

We also started planning our final projects for the quarter and I am attempting to build an employee training tracker and a video voter app.

Week 18

The weekly required reading is taking about 3 hours per week give or take. I was on vacation with my family this week but managed to get most of the reading and coding assignments done.

This week we learned about responsive design, mobile-first design, and adaptive design which involves dynamically changing the content based on the screen size. We also read up on things to consider when choosing a WordPress plugin.

This week’s project was to create a responsive layout for a card matching game.

Week 19

I’ve been working on two small apps for the final project in the JavaScript course and the hosting course.

In the JavaScript course, I am building an app that tracks employee training for a given topic. The user can check off articles, videos, and other items that they have completed and it shows the progress.

It is connected to a Firebase database so the status of each item’s checkmark is being stored. It also calculates the total percentage of training completed with a progress bar at the bottom of the page.

There is still a lot to improve on like refactoring the code but I’m making good progress so far. In the hosting course, I am building a video voter that shows a list of videos on a topic and allows users to vote on individual videos.

Week 20

This week ends the second quarter and I have reached the half-way mark of the program.

I turned in my employee training tracker app with some basic functionality completed. However, I haven’t had a chance to add user authentication so that people could log in and store which items they have completed. I also need to refactor the code because there is a lot of unnecessary repetition.

The video voter app still lacks the ability to store votes which I could add by updating the WordPress mySQL database. I would need to read up on how to do that. Also, I wasn’t able to pull in data from the YouTube API for the view counts. I don’t think the YouTube API provides view count data any more or I just haven’t found the right documentation yet.

The employee training tracker app seems more promising. If I focus on just training people on JavaScript, I could test to see if people would use it. Then I could expand it to other topics. I still have a lot to work on to make a usable JavaScript training tracker app.

I attended a mini-hackathon at Galvanize in Seattle with three other students from Seattle University and it was a fun experience.


Yay! @EvangelistNinja Sean ottey of @rightside kicks off @namedotcom‘s  at @galvanize !

 The theme of the hackathon was eighties rehab and our team’s idea was a quiz to determine how addicted you are to the 80’s.

We used the SlickQuiz jQuery plugin to get a simple quiz working in a short amount of time.

We have a couple weeks before the next quarter starts so I have been working on my training tracker app. I was able to get app to show which items were checked previously and the updated progress bars based on the items completed (it stores and retrieves the data from Firebase).

You can check out the app at

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