My Start to Finish Review of the Seattle University Web Development Certificate – Weeks 14-16

Posted by Sara Reiner on Friday, January 26, 2018 at 2:29 PM PST

A student's hands typing on a laptop keyboard


Week 14

This week we focused on learning jQuery to add interactivity to a webpage at The project included using jQuery to show and hide text using click events and jQuery methods. We also updated a bar graph based on the number of votes by incrementing the vote count when the voting button was clicked.



In the web hosting course we learned and practiced with command line text editors like Vi and Nano which are helpful when you need to edit a file that is on a remote server like Digital Ocean.

Week 15

This week we worked on a Bootstrap based webpage with some JavaScript elements like a carousel, clickable tabs, and a map. The map was added using the Leaflet.js library. I struggled with getting multiple layers to work on the map although I was able to add markers to the map.

I’m also reading the book JavaScript and jQuery by Jon Duckett which explains concepts well. I actually tear out pages and scatter them throughout the house to study whenever I have free time. It can be nice to take a break from screens once in a while.

In the web hosting course we learned about hosting a static site with Digital Ocean and hosted the 2048 game.

Week 16

This week we learned about AJAX or XHR and the project was to create a Flicker image search that would append images to the page based on the value entered onto the form.

My version of the Flicker search is available at

We used a jQuery getJSON method to request the data from the Flicker API. It took me longer to get the grid layout to align the images since the size of the images varied.

In the web hosting course we worked on getting a dynamic PHP website served on a Digital Ocean server using Apache. The code for the website was provided so we just had to get it hosted by configuring the virtual host.

Getting familiar with adding CNAME or ANAME records is eye-opening because you could potentially create an app and host it and then add it to a client’s subdomain without having to touch their code.

This is a repost from Charles Sipe’s blog about his experience in the Web Development Certificate program at the School of New and Continuing Studies at Seattle University. We will post a snippet from his blog every month. Charles Sipe graduated from the program in Fall of 2016. Contact us to find out more about the certificate.