My Start to Finish Review of the Seattle University Web Development Certificate – Weeks 10-13

Posted by Sara Reiner on Friday, December 22, 2017 at 3:07 PM PST

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This week I finished up coding up the imaginary product page and the final version is at . I also finished up a 1,000-word reflection/research paper on how WordPress switched to a JavaScript-powered user dashboard and how it affects the future of JavaScript development. We are required to create a research artifact so I created an explainer video using the screen recorder from QuickTime Player and I published it to YouTube.

This completes the first two courses in the program: Foundations of the Web and Intro to Web Development.

I’m looking forward to the next two courses: Intro to JavaScript Programming and Intro to Servers and Hosting.

Week 11

I heard there are around 40 students enrolled in the program this quarter so they had to get a second classroom for the labs.

This week we started learning about JavaScript and web hosting. The program director Shawn wrote a GitBook on JavaScript and that was the main reading for the week. The beginning of the book covered some of the basics of the language like data types and loops. I also started reading the first couple chapters of Eloquent JavaScript which is available to read for free online (this is a supplemental reading assignment).

The first project was the classic problem FizzBuzz which I’ve heard of but never attempted previously. I was able to work it out pretty quickly.

We also read some articles about choosing a good domain for the Hosting and Servers course. Our project for the course was to host our Github pages URL on our personal domain by creating a CNAME and pointing it to our personal domain. My Github pages URL is now

Week 12

This week in Intro to JavaScript we read about arrays, functions, and objects at Shawn’s GitBook on JavaScript. The optional reading included chapters 3-6 of Eloquent JavaScript which provides some excellent explanations of JavaScript concepts and useful code examples.

The JavaScript exercise this week was to shorten a snippet of text like you might see in Google’s search results where the snippet is cut off after a specific number of characters. This requires using some JavaScript methods to manipulate the string such as converting the string to an array of words, removing array items, then joining the array back into a string.

We also learned about some useful Unix commands to navigate the terminal. There was a “scavenger hunt” which consisted of using Unix commands to answer a list of questions.

Week 13

This week we focused on learning about manipulating and traversing the DOM with JavaScript by reading the DOM chapter in Eloquent JavaScript.

The project for the week was to build a fortune cookie webpage that displayed a random fortune when you click the button. My project is live at

In the hosting course, we got acquainted with Digital Ocean. We set up a droplet, which is a private server, and cloned a Github repo into the droplet. You can log into your private server from the terminal using the command ssh root@. We also learned about generating a SSH key and adding it to Digital Ocean and Github so that you don’t have to enter your password when pushing Git commits.

The folks at Operation Code let me know about the Github Student Pack which is a collection of freebies and discounts for student developers. It includes a $50 credit to Digital Ocean which is pretty sweet.

This is a repost from Charles Sipe’s blog about his experience in the Web Development Certificate program at the School of New and Continuing Studies at Seattle University. We will post a snippet from his blog every month. Charles Sipe graduated from the program in Fall of 2016. Contact us to find out more about the certificate.