Many Paths to a Web Developer

Posted by Christine Campbell on Tuesday, May 12, 2020 at 1:22 PM PDT


From left to right

Darya Beigi went to UC Davis and graduated with a degree in Psychology. She started working in HR and transitioned into marketing as she tried to find her place in the working world that also fit her interests. After getting her Web Development Certificate, she got her first web developer job temping at Seattle U. Today, Darya is a web developer at Livible, a self-storage company.

Jiun Wang was a graphic designer and marketing specialist before she completed her Web Development Certificate in 2017. After graduating, she has personally hard-coded emails, designed wireframes, and optimized websites for search engines and accessibility. Currently, Jiun is a Digital Marketing Project Manager for RISE Agency, which provides inbound marketing strategies to help businesses turn their websites into a lead generation tool.

Bryan Barrows built small websites and experimented with coding, but it wasn't until he took computer science courses at Seattle Colleges that his love for programming blossomed. After attending Central & South Seattle Colleges, he started the Web Development certificate at Seattle University.

After graduating from this program, Bryan checked job sites daily and applied to hundreds of jobs over the course of months. His persistence paid off when he landed his dream job at a Seattle-based startup called Azuqua, which builds a platform for connecting and building automation between SaaS applications.

Luke Green was the Director of Seattle University's Office of Fellowships while he also moonlighted as the co-founder of tabletop game studio, Zeroic Games. He started the Web Development program at Seattle University in 2016 and took the leap into a new career after completing the program. His first professional role was as a UX Designer and Program Manager at a local startup, PicoBrew. In 2019, Luke started a new position as a Visual/UI Designer at Tableau Software.