Creating a zine while studying Digital Technology and Cultures - Jordan McNairy

Posted by Christine Campbell on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 at 9:27 AM PDT

Jordan McNairy came to Seattle University with experience as a young photographer and social media marketer. While studying concepts like the history of text technologies, digital identities, and multimodal composition in the Digital Technology and Cultures program, Jordan kept at his art, infusing it into his projects. But his most ambitious project was the creation of a zine, a small circulation, self-published work:

“I took the content portions of it and wrote about digital technology and culture and how they affect communities, especially communities of color. I posted it online and a lot people got really excited about it and told me how much they loved it. I also used media to build an ongoing brand and create a project that I’m going to continue working on after I graduate.”

Now a Marketing Production Assistant at Ellenos Greek Yogurt, Jordan continues to apply his creative and brand awareness skills to this locally produced, nationally growing artisan Greek yogurt company.