Allah Jackson creates an organizational tool for Technical Program Managers at Amazon Web Services

Posted by Christine Campbell on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 at 9:20 AM PDT

After serving in the Army while simultaneously earning his AA from Pierce College, Allah Jackson joined Amazon as a support engineer, putting his computer and system administration experiences from the Army toward learning new skills within the private sector. Allah knew that he would need to complete his Bachelor's degree to keep progressing and chose Seattle University’s BA in Digital Technology and Cultures as the best fit for his career trajectory--becoming a Technical Program Manager (TPM) at Amazon. TPM's handles all aspects of technical projects, from initiating programs, providing support, coordinating among workers and vendors, developing schedules, managing budgets, and communicating about the project to the larger organization.

The Digital Technology and Cultures BA combine hard skills like introductory coding and social media management with the soft skills needed to successfully navigate people and organizations. It allows students to dive deeply into their personal interests while giving them a foundation in critical thinking, writing, and reasoning, along with some technical skills like introductory coding in Python; writing for the web; social media management; and technologies and applications like GitHub and WordPress.

Allah channeled his desire to grow into a TPM by developing a project which gave him insights into the work while also being a great way to showcase his skills and interest to his employer:

“I created a website to help technical program managers stay organized. It outlines the day to day tasks of being a TPM and explores some of the technologies that TPM’s use on a day to day basis.”

This entrepreneurial product is just the kind of ambitious effort that gets noticed. It’s a challenging climb on Amazon’s internal ladder, but we’re looking forward to seeing Allah reach his goals.