Social Justice and Digital Media: DICE 4040

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Course Details

Investigate how various power structures (political, institutional, local, and global) have used digital technologies to assert and maintain authority. You’ll also examine how digital technologies can be leveraged for social change. Topics include guerilla media art installations, social protest, feminist game design, and disruptive digital technologies and spaces. This course has an e-service learning component. This course is a hybrid course, with most course content delivered online along with face-to-face evening classes every two weeks.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply critical and theoretical lenses to specific technologies, cultures, and historic moments.
  • Articulate the possibilities and limits of emergent digital technologies and digitally mediated spaces to reproduce and disrupt culture.
  • Build and participate in an e-service learning project focused on social justice.
  • Reflect upon one’s goals for enacting social justice and ethical action.

Sample Syllabus