History of Text Technologies: DICE 3020

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Course Details

We use technology to record and transmit cultural knowledge, memory, and imagination through space and time. In this course, we will explore how changes in textual materials and technologies emerge from and shape a specific cultural moment. Some text technologies we may explore are cave painting, tattoos, graffiti, codices, machine-made books, typography, photography, film, graphic design, and digital media.


Learning Outcomes

Upon the successful completion of this course, you will be able to

  • Identify and describe the key characteristics of the major technologies of communication in human history.
  • Describe and analyze the formal properties of historical and contemporary texts/artifacts.
  • Describe and analyze the historical contexts of textual artifacts and how it may have impacted their nature, form, and circulation.
  • Create a well-designed program e-portfolio using current layout and navigation conventions.
  • Engage in collaborative critical thinking to analyze peer creative/critical work, and reflect on your own learning and creative process.

Sample Syllabus