Foundations of Digital Rhetoric: DICE 3030

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Course Details

How do we use digital media to influence and persuade citizens and consumers? Digital rhetoric is the study of how digital technologies shape methods of persuasion. In this course, you will analyze arguments that exist in digital media, such as video games, search engines, webpage designs, and digital images. You will also learn how to produce your own rhetorically informed digital media and apply a strategic message plan.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Interrogate the rhetorical strengths and weaknesses of digital texts.
  • Identify the hidden and obvious arguments that exist in digital spaces and platforms.
  • Analyze the sociocultural dynamics of born-digital artifacts and their rhetorical situations.
  • Use appropriate digital tools and sources in the service of researching rhetorical phenomena.
  • Compose rhetorically effective and ethically responsible presentations of ideas using digital technologies.
  • Apply a strategic message.

Sample Syllabus