Everyday Coding: DICE 4000

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Course Details

In this course, students learn to apply computational thinking and key concepts to programming in Python. Topics include variables, data structures, loops, conditionals, logical flow, and object-oriented programming. Students reflect upon the application of programming strategies for a range of purposes (web development, data visualization, and game development) and produce a fully-functioning game with scoring. Students will collaborate online to troubleshoot shared problems and are encouraged to work synchronously on weekly exercises for mutual aid.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply computational thinking to Python programming exercises
  • Create programs that demonstrate a working knowledge of coding best practices
  • Analyze the ways programming conventions reflect modes of production and the need to communicate clearly with other programmers
  • Reflect on the “Zen of Python” as a set of programming values and community-driven ethics
  • Develop intellectual resilience in the process of researching and debugging programming challenges.

Sample Syllabus